Join an Affiliate Program!

Thousands of Webshops are opening daily. Ecommerce is a fast growing market with stil a lot of potential. If You have doubts, just click here: Ecommerce sales’ double-digit growth will continue through 2020, when sales will top $4 trillion

So, we know, this market is going to be saturated in 2020. We have 2 YEARS to grow!

What is it?

Huge webshops like Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon offer partner programs. You can earn serious income by promoting sales or products. You only have to do is to share them by direct links, HTML or embed codes. There are unlimited ways to combine these with social media sites, apps, websites and blogs.

How to start?

You need to sign up here:

After Your registration (You may need to wait 2 workdays to be confirmed by the site) You can find various promotable. Here is an example with AliExpress Affiliate:


On Event Promotion tab You can promote ongoing or periodical promotions.

On Promoted Product tab You can download the 9000 bestselling products in .csv by clicking download button. You can analyse or order them to find the best opportunities fitting to You.

You can see the top 10 products below, but You can search for any product. For example I tried searching for ‘Xiaomi’. After clicking on Search button You will see a product list like this:


Click on Promote by Linkali_product4

In the HTML Code box You can see the HTML link code of the selected product, which includes Your affiliate link too. Click on Edit to edit the caption of the link. This is very good feature, because on default You get the product’s title as caption, but these are just tags. It is recommended to modify it!

After You click on Promote by Banner tab You will see something similar:


It is quite the same but the link includes a picture of the product. It’s so simple!

Dynamic Ads and API Settings are too hard to explain in one article, but We are planning to describe them too. There are two more useful tools here. Click on Deep Link URLs!


Here You can paste any product’s URL from the whole AliExpress site. After clicking on Get Tracking Link button, it generates a new link to the product with Your affiliate code just like above, on Promoted Product tab.

Click on APP tab! Under the pictures, there is Your affiliate link. If people click on this link, download AliExpress App and Complete Orders You get comisson from that.



It is That Simple. I hope You felt like being an Affiliate Promoting is a great way to Earn Online Cash while reading this article!


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