Develop Mobile APPs


In 2015 smart devices became the most popular platforms for surfing the internet and
using social networks. You can reach more people by their phone/tablet than by PCs .

If You want to sell a product or service, You can advertise more efficency targeting only mobile devices. It will be way cheaper than using every platforms. It might have more chance for clicking. Just imagine: The advertisement for phones/tablets are bigger-sized in percentage to the whole screen. Compare it with an ad on your PC! You have to make your users click on your ads. This is how it works. This is how You can monetize from an app.
Let’s see how to create it!

You can choose from these building platforms:

These sites may look different, but they have lot in common. You don’t need to have any skills in coding or programming. These are graphical interfaces, where You can build apps from modules. The editing and publishing is free (for the first time)! It is not the simpliest methods of Earning the Online Cash, but after some hours of practicing, You can build preety nice apps.
Updating and upgrading have fees, but it is not so expensive.

I will write about more benefits of publising mobile content. Check the Earn The Online Cash portal often!


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